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Inverter Charger Pure Sinewave 500W High Quality

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Inverter Charger Pure Sinewave 500W 12V

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Inverter Charger Pure Sinewave 500W 12V High Quality


1- Auto Voltage Regulation(AVR): When utility power is unstable, this machine owns precise and stable voltage output function. For example, in China, the utility voltage can drop to 190V at peak demand, but the output voltage of this machine is 220 V±3% V, 50 Hz±0.5, which can help to protect electrical equipment.

2- DC/AC Conversion Function: When the utility power fails suddenly in the home, office, supermarket and industrial zone etc, it can be an environment-friendly engine; in some outdoor areas without electricity, it can be used as Mobile Power and provide AC power for household appliances.

3- Intelligent Charging Function:  When batteries run out of power, inverter can be connected to the utility and automatically charge the battery.

When connected with utility and battery, it could be used as a UPS system and will charge batteries automatically when connected with utility,
The charging process can be divided into three sections.

Section I: With largest constant current charging, this can improve the backup power.

Section II: Constant voltage charging to charge batteries gradually, then there is enough time for batteries to absorb energy .Therefore, battery electrodes are protected and battery overcharge can be avoided.

Section III: When the batteries are fully charged, the output of inverter will turn into float voltage to maintain full power state of batteries for a long time. 

4-UPS Function: When this inverter connected with batteries and utility, inverter will start its UPS function.

Step 1: When utility power is available, it will output directly after stabilizing voltage and charge batteries simultaneously.

Step 2: When utility power cuts off, the system will convert DC power to AC power to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Step 3: When utility power comes back, the system will turn into utility power supply automatically within 5 ms and charge batteries simultaneously.


1- Pure sine wave AC output;
2- Intelligent program control, CPU management;
3- With LCD display, users can know operation status of the whole system
4- With multi-functions, extra charger is not needed and electric appliances can be protected (AVR, UPS);
5- Wide applicable scope, can be wide used for all kinds of occasions, such as outdoor area without electricity, industrial area, household, office, supermarket, hospital, bank, solar system, wind energy systems etc;
6- With external battery connection, it’s convenient for users to expand use time and back-up power time;
7- With super load carrying ability and high load capacity, this inverter can not only carry resistance load; but also can carry various kinds of inductive loads, such as motor, air conditioner, electric drills, fluorescent lamp, gas lamp, etc;
8- With high quality, low frequency circuit design, stable system, low failure rate and long service life,normally under proper operation, this machine can last more than 3 years;
9- Perfect protection function: low voltage protection, over voltage protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, overloads protection;
10- Approvals: CE / EMC / LVD/ RoHS ;
11- Two years warranty, lifelong technical supports;

 三、Technical Specification:


Rated output capacity
Peak Power
Battery voltage(DC)
12V or 24V(Optional)
AC Input
220V±35% or 110V+35%(Optional)
50Hz±3% or 60Hz±3%  
220V±3% or 230V±3 or
 240V±3% or 100V±3% 
or 110V±3% (Optional)
50Hz±0.5 or 60Hz±0.5(Optional)
Charge Battery
Charge circuit
Charge time
By the capacity of battery
Battery protection
Automatic self-test. charge and discharge protection
Input voltage,
Output voltage, Frequency, 
Battery capacity,
Load capacity
State parameters
Output wave type
Pure sine wave (Waveform distortion≤3) 
Overload capacity
120% 60s,130% 10s, 
Inverter efficiency
Average 90%  
Transfer time
≤ 5ms
Protection function
Output overload protection,
Output short-circuit protection, 
Battery reverse polarity protection, 
Input high-voltage protection , 
Input low-voltage protections,
Overheat protection;
Using environment
Size W×D×H(mm)
Packing size W×D×H(mm)  
Net weight (kg)  
Gross weight (kg)

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